Deadboy - Black Magick EP



1. White Moon garden,
2. Sad Sniper,
3. It Did Not Feel Right,
4. Rye Angel

Deadboy is an innovator. His 2009/2010 singles U Cheated and If U Want Me predicted exactly where UK dance music would go after dubstep, though unlike a lot of the acts that followed in his slipstream, Deadboy's music was never polite, and bassline house, dancehall and grime were as big influences as the r'n'b, pop and garage sensibilities that he combined so effectively. His single Fireworks remains a high point for that era of UK club music.

April's White Magick EP, his first for Local Action, marked Deadboy's largest record to date - six tracks as driven by atmosphere as drum patterns, but never losing the melodies and hooks that continue to set Deadboy apart from his peers. He now follows that with Black Magick, a vinyl-only 12" with extended, club-focused edits of three of White Magick's songs, as well as a VIP mix of It Did Not Feel Right, previously released on Crazylegs.

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