Daniel Johnston - Artistic Vice / 1990 (2xLP)

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Feraltone - FERALLP38 - 5051083146135

A1: My Life Is Starting Over Again
A2: Honey I Sure Miss You
A3: I Feel So High
A4: A Ghostly Story
A5: Tell Me Now
A6: Easy Listening
A7: I Know Casper
A8: Startling Facts
B1: Hoping
B2: It's Got To Be Good
B3: Happy Soul
B4: The Dream Is Over
B5: Love Of My Life
B6: I Killed The Monster
B7: Laurie
B8: Fate Will Get Done
C1: Devil Town
C2: Spirit World Rising
C3: Held The Hand
C4: Lord Give Me Hope
C5: Some Things Last A Long Time
C6: Tears Stupid Tears
C7: Don't Play Cards With Satan
D1: True Love Will Find You In The End
D2: Got To Get You Into My Life
D3: Careless Soul
D4: Funeral Home
D5: Softly And Tenderly

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