Dam-Funk - DJ Kicks (2xLP, 180g red vinyl + CD)

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2xLP - 180g red vinyl + CD

Studio !K7 - K7332LP - 730003733215

A1 –Gaussian Curve Broken Clouds
A2 –Index (12) Starlight
A3 –Gemini Log In
B1 –Randell & Schippers Love Jam
B2 –Moon B Oof
B3 –Tony Palkovic True To Yourself
C1 –Nexus (9) Stand Up (Instrumental)
C2 –Nicci Gable Close To Who?
C3 –Take Three Tonite’s The Night (All Right)
D1 –Brandon Suzy Hijack
D2 –Henning (8) Arrival / Departure
D3 –Dam-Funk Believer
CD-1 –Moon B Oof
CD-2 –Nicci Gable Close To Who?
CD-3 –Verticle Lines Theme From Beach Boy
CD-4 –Randell & Schippers Love Jam
CD-5 –Brandon Suzy Hijack
CD-6 –Take Three Tonite's The Night (All Right)
CD-7 –Index (12) Starlight
CD-8 –Uncle Jamm's Army Dial-A-Freak
CD-9 –Gemini Log In
CD-10 –Nexus (9) Stand Up (Instrumental)
CD-11 –Reggie B Poison Candy (Special Version)
CD-12 –L33 Keepin' It Tight
CD-13 –Gaussian Curve Broken Clouds
CD-14 –Tony Palkovic True To Yourself
CD-15 –Henning (8) Arrival / Departure
CD-16 –Nite Funk Can U Read Me?
CD-17 –Dam-Funk Believer
CD-18 –True Design I Wanna Break
CD-19 –Crystal Winds Funk Ain't Easy

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