Dale Crover - The Fickle Finger of Fate LP



Joyful Noise Recordings - JNR235 - 714270691300

A1: Chicken A La King
A2: Bad Move
A3: The Members bounce
A4: None, No More
A5: Hillbilly Math
A6: String Bean
A7: The Short Con
A8: Little Brother
A9: Tiny Sound/I Don't Know, Why?
B1: Slide On Up
B2: Big 'Uns
B3: Prismo
B4: Giant Hunka Cake
B5: Fickle Finger of Fate
B6: Thunder Pinky
B7: Horse Pills
B8: There Goes the Neighborhood
B9: Our Supreme Leader
B10: I Found the Way Out
B11: Vulnavia

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