Cynic - Ascension Codes (2xLP, Turquoise Vinyl)


2xLP, Turquoise Vinyl

Season Of Mist – SOM640LPD1

A-1: Mu-5
A-2: The Winged Ones
A-3: A'-va432
A-4: Elements And Their Inhabitants
B-1: Ha-144
B-2: Mythical Serpents
B-3: Sha48
B-4: 6th Dimensional Archetype
C-1: DNA Activation Template
C-2: Shar-216
C-3: Architects Of Consciousness
C-4: DA'z-a86.4
C-5: Aurora
D-1: DU-*61.714285...
D-2: In A Multiverse Where Atoms Sing
D-3: A'jha108
D-4: Diamond Light Body
D-5: Ec-ka72

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