Drowning The Light – Lost Kingdoms Of Diabolical Serpent Spells (CD)



Track Listing:

1 Raptured By Arcane Power
2 Diabolical Winter Spells
3 Poisonous Glory
4 The Serpent & The Scythe
5 Now With Hearts Of Frost We Chant, To Ignite The Flames Of The Old
6 The Keepers Of The Flame
7 A Barren Plain Of No Thought
8 Rise Of The Black Serpent
9 Only Dead Eyes Look Back At Me...
10 The Old Ones Stir Again
11 Death Rides On The Wings Of Flies
12 Crypt Of Necromancy
13 Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age

CD limited to 300 copies.

This CD is a compilation of three demos; "Diabolical Winter Spells", "Rise of the Black Serpent" & "Lost Kingdoms of a Dark Age".

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