Warwulf - Echoes From The Past Long Forgotten (CD, numbered)


CD, numbered edition of 666

01 Through The Desolate Stars
02 From Bones To Ashes
03 Perverted Sorrow
04 Wulfschrei
05 Reigning With Honour And Tyranny
06 Worshippers Beneath The Black Moon
07 Thy Candles Light My Path...
08 Visions Of A Battle That Once Was...
09 Heil The Black Order
10 Wampyric Curses
11 Of Night And Fog (Part 2)
12 Burning The Traces Of Your Past
13 Glorification Of War
14 Embracing The Glory
15 Upon The Ruins And Ashes Of Our Enemies...
16 Shattered Dreams And Broken Glass
17 Aigle Conquérant: Titus Victorieux

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