Ancient Records Demo Compilation Pt II 2xLP



1-01 A Opening Of The Gates (Intro) 
1-02 Inverting The Sacrosanct 
1-03 Beckon The Bornless One 
1-04 Clandestine Journey.. 
1-05 The Insatiable Famine 
1-06 Into The Forgotten Kingdom 
1-07 Dreams Of Ancient Past 
1-08 The Triumph Of Death 
1-09 Tales Of Conquest 
1-10 Consuming The Celestial Remains 
1-11 Strength Of The Ancient 
1-12 Consuming The Creation Of Sorrow

2-01 Veiled In Horns, And Crowned To Rule 
2-02 Helvetetsmurka Ögonhålor Af Den Ondes Vilja 
2-03 Djävulens Stoftdimma Från Ändalyktens Hålhinna 
2-04 Cultivator Of Spirits 
2-05 Perpetual Delirium 
2-06 Closing Of The Gates (Outro) 
2-07 Into The Void (Bonus)

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