Coathangers - s/t (LP, neon strawberry banana vinyl)


LP, neon strawberry banana vinyl

Suicide Squeeze - SSQ177LPC1 - 803238017716

A1: "Why This Record" Intro
A2: Tonya Harding
A3: Wreckless Boy
A4: Haterade
A5: "A Real Honey"
A6: Shut The Fuck Up
A7: Parking Lot
A8: Buckhead Betty
B1: "Don't Touch My Shit!"
B2: "Roll Dem Dice"
B3: Parcheezzi
B4: Where The Hell Were You?
B5: "Fatty Pad"
B6: Nestle In My Boobies
B7: Bloody Shirt
B8: The Missing Letter
B9: Wife Eyes
B10: Never Wanted You
B11: "Larger Success" Outro

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