Clint Mansell Featuring Kronos Quartet - Requiem For A Dream OST (2xLP)



Nonesuch - 075597947298 - 075597947298

A1: Summer Overture
A2: Party
A3: Coney Island Dreaming
A4: Party
A5: Chocolate Charms
A6: Ghosts Of Things To Come
A7: Dreams
A8: Tense
A9: Dr. Pill
A10: High On Life
A11: Ghosts
A12: Crimin' & Dealin'
A13: Hope Overture
A14: Tense
A15:Bialy & Lox Conga
B1: Cleaning Apartment
B2: Ghosts-Falling
B3: Dreams
B4: Arnold
B5: Marion Barfs
B6: Supermarket Sweep
B7: Dreams
B8: Sara Goldfarb Has Left The Building
B9: Bugs Got A Devilish Grin Conga
C1: Winter Overture
C2: Southern Hospitality
C3: Fear
C4: Full Tense
C5: The Beginning Of The End
C6: Ghosts Of A Future Lost
C7: Meltdown

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