Cliff Martinez - The Neon Demon OST 2xLP (blue and red vinyl, inc DL code)


2xLP, blue and red vinyl, inc DL code

Milan - 399 842-2 - 3299039984222

A1: Neon Demon (Cliff Martinez)
A2: Mine (Sweet Tempest)
A3: The Demon Dance (Julian Winding)
A4: What Are You (Cliff Martinez)
A5: Don't Forget Me When You're Famous (Cliff Martinez)
A6: Gold Paint Shoot (Cliff Martinez)
A7: Take Off Your Shoes (Cliff Martinez)
B1: Ruby At The Morgue (Cliff Martinez)
B2: Jesse Sneaks Into Her Room (Cliff Martinez)
B3: Real Lolita Rides Again (Cliff Martinez)
B4: Messenger Walks Among Us (Cliff Martinez)
B5: Runway (Cliff Martinez)
C1: Take Her To Measurements (Cliff Martinez)
C2: Who Wants Sour Milk (Cliff Martinez)
C3: I Would Never Say You're Fat (Cliff Martinez)
C4: Thank God You're Awake Remix (Cliff Martinez)
C5: Kinky (Cliff Martinez)
C6: Ruby's Close Up (Cliff Martinez)
C7: Lipstick Drawing (Cliff Martinez)
D1: Something's In My Room (Cliff Martinez)
D2: Are We Having A Party (Cliff Martinez)
D3: Get Her Out Of Me (Cliff Martinez)
D4: Waving Goodbye (Sia)

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