Clarence Carter - The Ultimate Clarence Carter - 1966-1971 LP (RSD 2014)


A1   Looking For A Fox 
A2   The Road Of Love 
A3   I Can't Do Without You 
A4   I'm Qualified
A5   Slipping Around With You 
A6   Slip Away 
B1   Too Weak To Fight 
B2   I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin') 
B3   I Stayed Away Too Long 
B4   That Old Time Feeling 
B5   Look What I Got 
B6   She Ain't Gonna Do Right 
C1   Tell Daddy 
C2   Getting The Bills (But No Merchandise) 
C3   Funky Fever 
C4   I Can't Leave Your Love Alone 
C5   Think About It 
C6   You've Been A Long Time Coming 
D1   Patches 
D2   I Found What I Needed 
D3   The Feeling Is Right 
D4   Soul Deep 
D5   Snatching It Back 
D6   I Can't See Myself (Crying About You) 

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