Cirith Ungol - Frost And Fire (2xLP, 'camo green' marbled vinyl)


2xLP, camouflage green marbled vinyl

Metal Blade - 158097 - 039841580976

A1: Frost And Fire (40th Anniversary remix)
A2: I'm Alive (40th Anniversary remix)
A3: A Little Fire (40th Anniversary remix)
A4: What Does It Take (40th Anniversary remix - Goldmine mix)
B1: Edge Of A Knife (40th Anniversary remix)
B2: Better Off Dead (40th Anniversary remix - Goldmine mix)
B3: Maybe That's Why (40th Anniversary remix)
C1: Frost And Fire (2021 Remaster)
C2: I'm Alive (2021 Remaster)
C3: A Little Fire (2021 Remaster)
C4: What Does It Take (2021 Remaster)
D1: Edge Of A Knife (2021 Remaster)
D2: Better Off Dead (2021 Remaster)
D3: Maybe That's Why (2021 Remaster)

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