Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets (LP, deluxe edition)


LP, deluxe edition

Trust Records - TR003LP - 794558800310

A1: Wild In The Streets
A2: Leave Me Alone
A3: Stars And Stripes
A4: 86'd (Good As Gone)
A5: Meet The Press
A6: Trapped
A7: Murder The Disturbed
B1: Letter Bomb
B2: Question Authority
B3: Defamation Innuendo
B4: Moral Majority
B5: Forced Labor
B6: Political Stu
B7a: Just Like Me
B7b: Put A Little Love In Your Heart
B8: Letter Bomb (Live '82)
B9a: Wild In The Streets (Live '82)
B9b: Red Tape (Live '82)
B10: Stars And Stripes (Live '82)


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