Chimaira - Pass Out Of Existence (3xLP, numbered)


3xLP, numbered

Roadrunner - ROGV-162 - 081227880774

A1: Let Go
A2: Dead Inside
A3: Severed
A4: Lumps
A5: Pass Out Of Existence
A6: Abeo
B1: Sp Lit
B2: Painting The White To Grey
B3: Taste My…
B4: Rizzo
B5: Sphere
C1: Forced Life
C2: Options
C3: Jade (2021 edit)
C4: Without Moral Restraint (non-LP Bonus Track)
D1: Severed (2021 Remix)
D2: Sp Lit (2021 Remix)
D3: Painting The White To Grey (2021 Remix)
D4: Taste My…(Previously Unreleased Demo)
D5: Fascination Street (non-LP bonus track)
E1: Let Go (Live Orlando 2002)
E2: Lumps (Live Orlando 2002)
E3: Severed (Live Orlando 2002)
E4: Sp Lit (Live Orlando 2002)
F1: Silence (Live Orlando 2002)
F2: Forced Life (Live Orlando 2002)
F3: Dead Inside (Live Orlando 2002)
F4: This Present Darkness (Live Orlando 2002)

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