Chemical Brothers - Surrender (3xCD+DVD boxset)


3xCD+DVD boxset

UMC - 7785251 - 602577852510

Surrender Album
CD1-1 Music: Response
CD1-2 Under The Influence
CD1-3 Out Of Control
CD1-4 Orange Wedge
CD1-5 Let Forever Be
CD1-6 The Sunshine Underground
CD1-7 Asleep From Day
CD1-8 Got Glint?
CD1-9 Hey Boy Hey Girl
CD1-10 Surrender
CD1-11 Dream On

The Secret Psychedelic Mixes
CD2-1 Hey Boy Hey Girl
CD2-2 Let Forever Be
CD2-3 Out Of Control (21 Minutes Of Madness Mix)
CD2-4 Flashback
CD2-5 Dream On

As Curated By The Chemical Brothers
CD3-1 Flashback
CD3-2 Scale
CD3-3 The Diamond Sky
CD3-4 Studio K
CD3-5 Power Move
CD3-6 Enjoyed
CD3-7 Electronic Battle Weapon 4
CD3-8 Out Of Control (Sasha Club Mix)
CD3-9 Music: Response (Gentleman Thief Mix)
CD3-10 Music: Response (Futureshock Main Response)
CD3-11 Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)
CD3-12 Hey Boy Hey Girl (KiNK Extended Mix)

Promo Videos
DVD-1 Hey Boy Hey Girl
DVD-2 Let Forever Be
DVD-3 Out Of Control
Glastonbury 2000
DVD-4 Hey Boy Hey Girl
DVD-5 Music: Response
DVD-6 Block Rockin' Beats
DVD-7 Song To The Siren
DVD-8 Under The Influence
DVD-9 Leave Home
DVD-10 The Private Psychedelic Reel

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