Byrds, The - Preflyte (3xLP)




A1: The Reason Why
A2: You Won't Have To Cry
A3: She Has A Way
A4: You Showed Me
A5: Hear Without You
A6: Don't Be Long
A7: I Knew I'd Want You
A8: Boston
A9: Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away
B1: For Me Again
B2: It's No Use
B3: You Movin'
B4: Please Let Me Love You
B5: The Airport Song
B6: Mr. Tambourine Man
B7: She Has A Way
B8: I Knew I'd Want You
C1: Boston
C2: You Showed Me
C3: The Times They Are A Changin'
C4: The Only Girl I Adore
C5: Tomorrow Is A Long Time
C6: You Showed Me
C7: I Knew I'd Want You
C8: I Won't Have To Cry
D1: Mr. Tambourine Man
D2: Willie Jean
D3: Come Back Baby
D4: Jack Of Diamonds
D5: Get Together
D6: She Has A Way
D7: Here Without You
D8: For Me Again
E1: It's No Way
E2: You Movin'
E3: Boston
E4: She Has A Way
E5: You Movin'
E6: The Reason Why
E7: It's No Use
F1: You Won't Have To Cry
F2: You Showed Me
F3: I Knew I'd Want You
F4: Mr. Tambourine Man
F5: She's The Kind Of Girl
F6: I'm Just A Young Man
F7: Everybody's Been Burned


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