Brian Eno - Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks (Extended Edition) (2xLP)


2xLP, Remastered & Expanded

Virgin - 7747772 - 602577477720

(Atmospheres & Soundtracks)
A1: Under Stars
A2: The Secret Place
A3: Matta
A4: Signals
A5: An Ending (Ascent)
A6: Under Stars II
A7: Drift
B1: Silver Morning
B2: Deep Blue Day
B3: Weightless
B4: Always Returning
B5: Stars

(For All Mankind)
C1: The End Of A Thin Cord
C2: Capsule
C3: At The Foot Of A Ladder
C4: Waking Up
C5: Clear Desert Night
C6: Over The Canaries
D1: Last Step From The Surface
D2: Fine-Grained
D3: Under The Moon
D4: Strange Quiet
D5: Like I Was A Spectator

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