Blitz - Voice Of A Generation (2xLP)



Let Them Eat Vinyl - LETV280LP - 803341459960

A1: We Are The Boys
A2: Time Bomb
A3: Voice Of A Generation
A4: Bleed
A5: I Don't Need You
A6: T.O.?
A7: Propaganda
A8: Criminal Damage
B1: Vicious
B2: Warriors
B3: Nation On Fire
B4: Your Revolution
B5: Scream
B6: 4Q
B7: Escape
B8: Moscow
C1: Closedown
C2: Someone's Gonna Die
C3: Attack
C4: Fight To Live
C5: 45 Revolutions
C6: Nation On Fire (Carry On Oi! version)
D1: Youth (Carry On Oi! Version)
D2: Razors In The Night
D3: Never Surrender
D4: Voice Of A Generation (Total Noise Version)
D5: Warriors (Single Version)
D6: Youth (Remix)

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