Bill Fay - Still Some Light Part 2 (2xLP)



Dead Oceans - DOC270LP - 656605157016

A1: My Eyes Open
A2: Solace Flies In
A3: Long Way from Tipperary
A4: All Must Have a Dream
A5: War Machine
A6: There Is a Valley
B1: Road of Hope
B2: Jericho Road
B3: City of Dreams
B4: Time to Wake Up Now
B5: Hello Old Tree
B6: Anthems
C1: Still Some Light
C2: Fill This World with Peace
C3: I will Remain Here
C4: Diamond Studded Days
C5: God Give Them Rest
C6: Keep Turning the Pages
C7: Your Life Inside
C8: I Thought I Heard Someone
D1: Be at Peace with Yourself
D2: All at Once
D3: Peace on Earth
D4: One Day
D5: Here Beneath the Vail
D6: I Wonder

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