Bill Fay Group - Tomorrow Tomorrow And Tomorrow (2xLP)



Deep Oceans - DOC345LP - 656605164519

A1: Strange Stairway
A2: Spiritual Mansions
A3: Planet Earth Daytime
A4: Goodnight Stan
A5: Tomorrow Tomorrow And Tomorrow
B1: Just A Moon
B2: To Be A Part
B3: Sam
B4: Lamp Shining
B5: Turning The Pages
B6: Love Is The Tune
B7: After The Revolution
B8: Jericho Road
B9: Strange Stairway (Demo)
B10: Birdman (Bonus Track)
C1: Life
C2: Hypocrite
C3: Man
C4: Cosmic Boxer
C5: We Are Raised
C6: Isle of Sleep
D1: Coming Down
D2: Hypocrite (Demo)
D3: Spiritual Mansions (Demo)
D4: Cosmic Boxer (Alternate Version)
D5: The Coast No Man Can Tell (Bonus Track)
D6: Man (Take 1)
D7: When We Set Sail (Bonus Track)

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