Biffy Clyro - Infinity Land (2xLP, grey vinyl)

£17.99 £21.99

2xLP, grey vinyl

Beggars Banquet - BBQLP2091 - 607618209117

A1: Glitter & Trauma
A2: Strung To Your Ribcage
A3: My Recovery Injection
A4: Got Wrong
B1: The Atrocity
B2: Some Kind Of Wizard
B3: Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave
B4: Only One Word Comes To Mind
C1: There’s No Such Man As Crasp
C2: There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake
C3: The Kids From Kibble And The Fist Of Light
C4: The Weapons Are Concealed
C5: Pause It And Turn It Up
C6: Tradition Feed
D1: Bonanzoid Deathgrip
D2: Stars And Shites
D3: It’s Always The Quiet Ones
D4: Corfu
D5: Drown In A Natural Light
D6: Gently

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