Biffy Clyro - Blackened Sky (2xLP, purple vinyl)

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2xLP, purple vinyl

Beggars Banquet ‎- BBQLP2089 - 607618208912

A1: Joy.Discovery.Invention
A2: 27
A3: Justboy
A4: Kill The Old, Torture Their Young
A5: The Go-Slow
A6: Christopher's River
B1: Convex, Concave
B2: 57
B3: Hero Management
B4: Solution Devices
B5: Stress On The Sky
B6: Scary Mary
C1: Hope For An Angel
C2: Less The Product
C3: Instructio4
C4: Breatheher
C5: Unsubtle
D1: Being Gabriel
D2: Time As As Imploding Unit / Waiting For Green
D3: All The Way Down Chapter 2
D4: The Houses Of Roofs

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