Beth Hart - Leave The Light On (2xLP, blue and gold vinyl)


2xLP, blue and gold vinyl

Music On Vinyl - MOVLP789 - 602537232857

A1: Hiding Under Water
A2: Say Something
A3: Crazy Kind Of Day
A4: I Don't Want To Be
A5: Learning To Live
B1: Lifts You Up
B2: Leave The Light On
B3: Bottle Of Jesus
B4: World Without You
B5: Lay Your Hands On Me
C1: Broken & Ugly
C2: Lifetime
C3: If God Only Knew
C4: Money Back
C5: Sky Full Of Clover
C6: I'll Stay With You
Live Bonus Tracks
D1: Hiding Under Water
D2: Broken & Ugly
D3: Leave The Light On
D4: Get Your Shit Together
D5: L.A. Song

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