Beat Happening - s/t (2xLP)



Rough Trade - REWIGLP114 - 887830011419

A1: Foggy Eyes
A2: Bad Seeds
A3: I Let Him Get To Me
A4: I Spy
A5: Run Down The Stairs
B1: In Love With You Thing
B2: I Love You
B3: Down At The Sea
B4: Our Secret
B5: What's Important
B6: Fourteen
B7: Bad Seeds (Live)
C1: Run Down the Stairs
C2: In My Memory
C3: Honey Pot
C4: The Fall
C5: Youth
C6: Don't Mix the Colors
D1: Christmas
D2: fourteen
D3: Let's Kiss
D4: 1, 2, 3
D5: Look Around
D6: I Love You (demo)

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