Beastcraft - The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship (CD+DVD)



Pulverised Records - ASH124CDDVD - 803341461932

CD-1: Aapenbaring
CD-2: Demonic Perversion
CD-3: Deathcraft And Necromancy
CD-4: The Fall Of The Impotent God
CD-5: Her Highness Of Hell
CD-6: Reborn Beyond The Grave
CD-7: Waging War On The Heavens
CD-8: The Devil's Triumph
CD-9: The Beast Descends
DVD-1: The Final Necromancy
DVD-2: Satanic Memorial Rites Of Alastor Nefas
DVD-3: Germaniacal Black Metal Mass
DVD-4: Beastcraftian Funeral Oration
DVD-5: Profanations, Procreations And Premonitions
DVD-6: The Dawning Of The Serpents

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