Basil Poledouris - RoboCop OST (2xLP)



Milan - 399 737-2 - 3299039973721

A1: Main Title
A2: Have a Heart
A3: O.C.P. Monitors
A4: Twirl
A5: Van Chase
A6: Murphy Dies
A7: Robo Lives
B1: Drive Montage
B2: Helpless Woman
B3: Nukem
B4: Murphy's Dream
B5: Gas Station Blow-Up
B6: Murphy Goes Home
B7: Clarence Frags Bob
C1: Rock Shop
C2: Robo Drives To Jones
C3: Directive IV
C4: Robo & Ed 209 Fight
C5: Force Shoots Robo
C6: Big is Better
D1: Care Package
D2: Looking For Me
D3: Across The Board / End Credits

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