Bad Company - Run With The Pack (2xLP, 2017 Reissue)


2xLP, 2017 Reissue

Swan Song - 0081227953638

LP One: Original Album Remastered
A1: Live For The Music
A2: Simple Man
A3: Honey Child
A4: Love Me Somebody
A5: Run With The Pack
B1: Silver, Blue & Gold
B2: Young Blood
B3: Do Right By Your Women
B4: Sweet Lil' Sister
B5: Fade Away

LP Two: Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
A1: Live For The Music (Take 1, Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
A2: Simple Man (Take 3, Early Mix)
A3: Honey Child (Early Mix, Alternative Guitar Solo)
A4: Run With The Pack (Extended Version, Alternative Vocal)
A5: Let There Be Love (Take 1, Previously Unreleased)
B1: Silver, Blue & Gold (Take 1, Early Mix)
B2: Young Blood (Alternative Vocal)
B3: Do Right By Your Woman (Alternative Vocal)
B4: Sweet Lil' Sister (Live/Studio Backing Track)
B5: Fade Away (Early Mix/Alternative Guitar Solo)
B6: Do Right By Your Woman (Acoustic Version)

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