Bad Company - Burnin' Sky (2xLP, 2017 Reissue)


2xLP, 2017 Reissue

Swan Song - 0081227953652

Record One: Original Album Remaster
A1: Burnin' Sky
A2: Morning Sun
A3: Leaving You
A4: Like Water
A5: Knapsack
A6: Everything I Need
B1: Heartbeat
B2: Peace Of Mind
B3: Passing Time
B4: Too Bad
B5: Man Needs Woman
B6: Master Of Ceremony

Record Two: Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
A1: Burnin' Sky (Take 2, Alternative Vocal & Guitar
A2: Morning Sun (Take 3, Early Version)
A3: Leaving You (Take 1, Alternative Vocal)
A4: Like Water (Take 1, Rough Mix)
A5: Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer) ( Early Run Through)
A6: Everything I Need (Take 2, Rough Mix)
B1: Peace of Mind (Alternative Version)
B2: Passing Time (Alternative Vocal)
B3: Man Needs Woman (Alternative Vocal & Guitar)
B4: Too Bad (Full Version)
B5: Man Needs Woman (Take 2, Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal)
B5: Unfinished Story (Previously Unreleased)

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