Attitude Adjustment - American Paranoia (LP+DVD)



Taang! Records - TAANG! 192 - 722975019213

A1: Grey World
A2: Dope Fiend
A3: Hunger & Poverty
A4: Fuck Chuck
A5: Dead Serious
A6: Johnny
A7: Attitude Adjustment
B1: American Paranoia
B2: Warfear
B3: Streetwise
B4: Working Class Pride
B5: In The Center
B6: Bombs
B7: Rambo
B8: Incredible End
Life At The Farm, SF In 1986
DVD-1: Bombs
DVD-2: Warfare
DVD-3: Live 1989 - 1991
DVD-4: Third World Child (Unreleased)
DVD-5: Electric Shock
DVD-6: Working Class Pride
DVD-7: D.S.F.A.
DVD-8: Fuck Chuck
DVD-9: Destructions End
DVD-10: Hunger And Poverty
DVD-11: American Paranoia
DVD-12: Nine To Five Religion
DVD-13: Streetwise
DVD-14: Johnny
DVD-15: Rambo Was A Fag
DVD-16: Practice For War (Unreleased)
DVD-16: In The Center (It Was Silent)
DVD-17: Dope Fiend
DVD-18: Dead Serious
Live 1988-1991
7th Street, Oakland 1988
DVD-19: Born To Lose
DVD-20: To Be Different
DVD-21: Pay The Price
DVD-22: Attitude Adjustment
The Stone, SF 6/12/88
DVD-23: My Problem Is...
DVD-24: Satan Is God
DVD-25: To Be Different
Ruthies, Berkeley 6/22/88
DVD-26: My Problem Is...
DVD-27: Endless Sight
DVD-28: Swastika Troops
DVD-29: No Explanations
DVD-30: The Way I Am
The Stone, SF Dec, 1988
DVD-31: Grey World
DVD-32: Satan Is God
DVD-33: My Head's A Mess
DVD-34: Attitude Adjustment
Chatterbox, Oakland 3/11/89
DVD-35: Born To Lose
DVD-36: There's No Doubt
Real Rock, Oakland 9/22/91
DVD-37: The Truth
DVD-38: I Cant Forgive
DVD-39: The Power Of Control
DVD-40: Deceived
DVD-41: Scarred For Life
Your Place Too, Oakland 9/22/91
DVD-42: I Can't Forgive
DVD-43: Satan Is God

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