Asphyx - The Rack (2xLP)



Century Media - 88985486151 - 889854861513

A1: The Quest Of Absurdity
A2: Vermin
A3: Diabolical Existence
A4: Evocation
A5: Wasteland Of Terror
B1: The Sickening Dwell
B2: Ode To A Nameless Grave
B3: Pages In Blood
B4: The Rack
The Rack - Cover Compilation
C1: Dan Swanö - The Quest Of Absurdity
C2: Grave - Vermin
C3: Desaster - Diabolical Existence
C4: Skeletal Remains - Evocation
C5: Coffins - Wasteland Of Terror
D1: Deserted Fear - The Sickening Dwell
D2: Hooded Menace - Ode To A Nameless Grave
D3: Entrails - Pages In Blood
D4: Purgatory - The Rack

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