Adolescents - Cropduster (LP, gold vinyl)


LP, gold vinyl

Concrete Jungle Records - 1027301CJR - 4260435273011

A1: Queen Of Denial
A2: Quicksand Blaster
A3: Flat Earth Stomp
A4: Just Because
A5: Sunspot Screams
A6: Alice On Wonderbread
A7: Disease
A8: Cropduster
A9: Gazetteer
B1: Nuclear Football
B2: Choke And Killswitch System
B3: Miranda Panda
B4: 5150 Or Fight
B5: Paradigm Bag Junkies
B6: Black Kiss
B7: Digital Toybox
B8: Room 223
B9: Prey For Armageddon

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