A Minor Forest - Flemish Altruism/Inindependence (RSD 2014)


Flemish Altruism (Constituent Parts 1993-1996)

A1 ...But The Pants Stay On 6:42
A2 Bill's Mom Likes To Fuck 10:23
B1 Ed Is 50 4:20
B2 So Jesus Was At The Last Supper... 14:00
C1 Jacking Off George Lucas 7:07
C2 Speed For Gavin 3:59
C3 Perform The Critical Straw Transfer 7:48
D1 Dainty Jack And His Amazing Technicolor Cloth Jacket 4:08
D2 Beef Rigger 6:16
D3 The Loneliest Enuretic 8:42


E1 The Dutch Fist 6:29
E2 Erik's Budding Romance 4:21
F1 Look At That Car, It's Full Of Balloons 8:37
F2 ...It's Salmon!!! 3:55
G The Smell Of Hot 18:20
H1 Michael Anthony 4:57
H2 Discoler


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