7Seconds - Leave A Light On CD


7 Seconds have come out with their sixteenth album called Leave A Light On. It's a really fast and energetic melodic punk album that seems to fit the style they have been playing their entire music career. The guitar parts have complex power chord progressions and very short, Chuck Berry–esque guitar solos. The drums are also very fast, which adds a lot of energy to this album. And the band did a great job getting backing vocals to compliment Kevin Seconds' lead vocals. - www.punknews.org


1. Exceptional
2. Upgrade Everything
3. Slogan On a Shirt
4. I Have Faith in You
5. 30 Years (And Still Going Wrong)
6. Leave a Light On
7. Empty Spots
8. Your Hate Mentality
9. My Aim Is You
10. Rage Quit
11. Heads Are Bound to Roll
12. Standing By Yourself
13. Someday, Some Way
14. Simple Or Absolute 



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