[RSD19] Angelo Badalamenti And David Lynch - Twin Peaks Season Two Music & More (2xLP, Blue + Green Vinyl)


2xLP, Green/Blue vinyl

Rhino Records - R1 574799 - 0603497854936

A1: Love Theme Intro
A2: Shelly
A3: New Shoes
A4: High School Swing
A5: Hayward Boogie
A6: Blue Frank
B1: Audrey’s Prayer
B2: I’m Hurt Bad
B3: Cop Beat
B4: Harold’s Theme
B5: Barbershop
B6: Night Bells
B7: Just You
B8: Drug Deal Blues
C1: Audrey
C2: Josie And Truman
C3: Hook Rug Dance
C4: Packards’ Vibration
C5: Half Heart
D1: Laura’s Dark Boogie
D2: Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
D3: Love Theme Farewell
D4: Untitled Track #1
D5: "It Was Laura"

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