YUNGMORPHEUS, Real Bad Man - The Chalice & The Blade (2xLP)



RRC Music Co. - RRC039 - 799513793850

A1:    Introduction
A2:    Off The Turnpike
A3:    Tripleback Tuck
A4:    The New Dance Show
B1:    Youngblood Priest
B2:    Just The Three Of Us
B3:    Large Step!
B4:    Perceived Merits
C1:    Calculated Risks
C2:    Coffee Into Coins
C3:    THX-1138
C4:    With A Flick Of The Wrist
D1:    The Amazing Randy
D2:    This Or That
D3:    Tell Me Something Different
E1:    N/A
F1:    N/A

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