Public Enemy - What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? (LP, special edition inc poster)


LP, special edition inc poster

Enemy Records - 000602435152424 - 602435152424

A1: When The Grid Go Down...
A2: Grid
A3: State Of The Union (STFU)
A4: Interlude: Merica Mirror
A5: Public Enemy Number Won
A6: Toxic
A7: Yesterday Man
A8: Interlude: Crossroads Burning
B1: Fight The Power Remix 2020
B2: Beat Them All
B3: Smash The Crowd
B4: If You Can’t Join Em Beat Em
B5: Go At It
B6: Interlude: Don’t Look At The Sky
B7: Rest In Beats
B8: R.I.P. Blackat
B9: Closing: I Am Black

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