Various Artists - Mello Music Group: Omakase (LP)



Mello Music Group - LPMMG00185 - 634457148307

A1:      Chris Keys - Lemon Tree
A2:      Pale Jay - Share A Dream
A3:      YungMorpheus - The Price
A4:      Denmark Vessey - Marionette Flex
A5:      Marlowe - Last Reserve
A6:      Paradime - LXG '11
A7:      Apollo Brown - Three Pieces
A8:      Magna Carda - Six Ring Feeling
B1:      Kamaal Williams - Planetarium Funk Drill
B2:      L'Orange - Velvet Burgundy
B3:      Namir Blade - Doing Well, Fuck Your Life
B4:      Stalley - G Body On Blades
B5:      Paradime - The Reign
B6:      Kamaal Williams - Academy Of Science
B7:      Raheem DeVaughn & Apollo Brown - Roll Up
B8:      Chris Keys - Stir Crazy

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