Kreator - Under The Guillotine: The Noise Records Anthology (2xLP, grey & pink splattered vinyl)



2xLP, grey & pink splattered vinyl

BMG - NOISE1LP101 - 4050538613919

A1: Extreme Aggression
A2: Terrible Certainty (remix)
A3: Endless Pain
A4: People Of The Lie
A5: Flag Of Hate
B1: Awakening Of The Gods
B2: Terror Zone
B3: Renewal (remix)
B4: Tormentor (End Of The World demo)
C1: Choir Of The Damned
C2: Pleasure To Kill
C3: Betrayer
C4: Toxic Trace
C5: After The Attack
D1: Behind The Mirror
D2: Some Pain Will Last
D3: Europe After The Rain (remix)
D4: Under The Guillotine

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