Holly Golightly - Singles Round-up (2xLP)



Damaged Goods - DAMGOOD190LP - 615187319014

A1: Virtually Happy
A2: The Ride #1
A3: No Big Thing
A4: My Own Sake
A5: Til I Get
A6: Waiting Room
B1: I Can't Be Trusted
B2: Card Table
B3: No Hope Bar
B4: Believe Me #1
B5: Come The Day
B6: In You
C1: Believe Me #2
C2: Stain
C3: Won't Go Out
C4: Too Late Now
C5: Sand
C6: Lonesome Town
D1: Your Love Is Mine
D2: Laughing To Keep From Crying
D3: Listen
D4: Rain Down Rain
D5: You Shine
D6: Box Elder

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