Guided By Voices - Zeppelin Over China (2xLP, inc DL code)


2xLP, inc DL code

Guided By Voices Inc. - GBVi-87 - 655035088716

A1: Good Morning Sir
A2: Step Of The Wave
A3: Carapace
A4: Send In The Suicide Squad
A5: Blurring The Contacts
A6: Your Lights Are Out
A7: Windshield Wiper Rex
A8: Holy Rhythm
B1: Jack Tell
B2: Bellicose Starling
B3: Wrong Turn On
B4: Charmless Peters
B5: The Rally Boys
B6: Think. Be A Man
B7: Jam Warsong
B8: You Own The Night
C1: Everything's Thrilling
C2: Nice About You
C3: Einstein's Angel
C4: The Hearing Department
C5: Questions Of The Test
C6: No Point
C7: Lurk Of The Worm
C8: Zeppelin Over China
D1: Where Have You Been All My Life
D2: Cold Cold Hands
D3: Transpiring Anathema
D4: We Can Make Music
D5: Cobbler Ditches
D6: Enough Is Never At The End
D7: My Future In Barcelona
D8: Vertiginous Raft

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