Dwarves - Lick It 1983-1986 (2xLP)



Recess - Recess#52 - 634457696518

A1: Lick It
A2: In And Out
A3: Oozle
A4: Dont Love Me
A5: Monday Blues
A6: Mind Expanders
A7: I'm A Living Sickness
A8: College Town
B1: Be A Caveman
B2: Get Out Of My Life
B3: Eat My Dinner
B4: Queen Of The Surf
B5: Love Gestapo
B6: Nothing
B7: Underwater
B8: Nobody Spoil My Fun
B9: I'm A Liar
C1: Wind Blows Your Hair
C2: Chocolate River
C3: 13 Stories High
C4: When I Needed You
C5: Stop And Listen
C6: You Need Love
C7: Mad And Kinda Sad
C8: Brand New Cadillac
C9: Love Makes Me A Monster
D1: Average Dick
D2: Every Night
D3: Schizophrenic X-mas
D4: Mommy Daddy
D5: Love Makes Me A Monster 2
D6: I Hate Girls
D7: Leave Your Mouth At Home
D8: Suburban Nightmare

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