Sinister - The Nuclear Blast Recordings 4xCD



CD1 (Hate)
2.Awaiting Absu
3.Embodiment Of Chaos
4.Art Of The Damned
5.Unseen Darkness
6.18th Century Hellfire
7.To Mega Therion
8.The Cursed Mayhem
9.The Bloodfeast

CD2 (Aggressive Measures)
1.Intro: The Upcoming
2.Aggressive Measures
3.Beyond The Superstition
4.Into The Forgotten
5.Enslave The Weak
6.Fake Redemption
7.Chained In Reality
8.Emerged With Hate
9.Blood Follows The Blood

CD3 (Savage Or Grace)
1.Rise Of The Predator
2.Savage Or Grace
3.Barbaric Order
4.The Age Of Murder
5.Conception Of Sin
6.Chapel Desecration
8.Collapse Rewind
9.Apocalypse In Time
10.Sacramental Carnage
11.Epoch Of Denial
12.Lascivious Desolation
13.Perpetual Damnation
14.Compulsory Resignation
15.Putrefying Remains
16.Spiritual Immolation

CD4 (Afterburner)
1.The Grey Massacre
2.Altruistic Suicide
3.Men Down
5.Presage Of The Mindless
6.Into Submission
7.The Riot Crossfire
8.Flesh Of The Servant

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