Various - In Death's Dream Kingdom (4xLP)



Houndstooth - HTH084 - 0802560266694

A1: Otto Lindholm - Cain
A2: Pan Daijing - The Island Within
B1: Lanark Artefax - Styx
B2: Petit Singe - Komm Wieder Mit
B3: Peder Mannerfelt - Post Sense Perspective
B4: Tomoko Sauvage - In Some Brighter Sphere
C1: Pye Corner Audio - Box In A Box
C2: Sophia Loizou - Shadows Of Futurity
C3: Abul Mogard - Trembling With Tenderness
C4: Pär Grindvik - Speaking Their Minds
D1: Koenraad Ecker - Rat's Coat
D2: Roly Porter - Without Form
D3: Hodge - Sunlight On A Broken Column
E1: Gazelle Twin - The Dream Ends
E2: Shapednoise - Ghostly Metafiction
E3: ASC - Tessellate
E4: Batu - Zoo Hypothesis
F1: We Will Fail - Carbon Trail
F2: Peter Van Hoesen - 98 Lines
F3: Spatial - Haunted Dance Hall
G1: Yves De Mey - Solemn But Fading
G2: Mindspan - Accept Things As They Are
G3: Kangding Ray - Glacier
H1: Zov Zov - Post Six
H2: Ian William Craig - An End Of Rooms
H3: Christoph De Babalon - Broken Land

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