Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Butterfly (Original Series Soundtrack) (LP + Download)


LP + Download

Invada Records - LSINV216LP - 5051083141437

A1 Butterfly
A2 Blue Eyes
A3 Taking In Lodgers
A4 Daughters
A5 Comfort
A6 Just Make Up Your Mind
A7 I Don't Know How Happy I Am Anymore
A8 Accusations
A9 School Troubles
A10 Introducing Maxine
A11 Cut Wrists
A12 Tickle Gods
B1 Dress Up
B2 Mermaid
B3 Arrested
B4 Family
B5 Maxine's Groove
B6 Making The Choice
B7 Interrogation
B8 Truths
B9 What Was The Point Of Me?
B10 Dancing With The Girls
B11 A Long Way To Go

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